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Read about some of the ongoing news in the world of Bridging the Word Gap.
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KU Researchers Gather Most Promising Interventions Addressing the Word Gap

Researchers at University of Kansas Juniper Gardens Children’s Project have collaborated with researchers across the country to create a special ‘Word Gap’ edition a research journal

Pilot Results Shows Increases in Teacher Talk

Early pilot results from a study using LENA language tracking and teacher coaching showed improvements in child language skills in classrooms using LENA Grow.

An Early Intervention Curriculum for Dual Language Learners

A look at how researchers are working to implement equitable and effective interventions targeting early literacy and language skills of dual language learners in early intervention classrooms.

Community Conversation Addressing the Word Gap

In January 2020 Dale Walker, a Word Gap Leadership team member, organized a community conversation to advance discussion of the word gap. The even featured speakers U.S. Representative Sharice Davids, John Wilson of Kansas Action for Children, and Randy Lopez Wyandotte Health Foundation and KCK School Board.

Bridging the Word Gap – Special Issue

This special issue of the Early Childhood Research Quarterly journal was guest edited by Drs. Dale Walker and Judith Carta. It features 20 exclusive articles addressing research and intervention strategies targeting the word gap. Click on the picture to check out some of the interesting research.

John R. Lutzker Lecture – September 2019

Promoting Community Wide Engagement in Evidence-Based Prevention by Dr. Judith Carta

Let’s Not Stop Talking About Talk

“Regardless of what parents say with their kids, how they say it, or in what language, science shows more conversation is better”

Providence Talks to be Replicated in 5 New Cities

“Regardless of what parents say with their kids, how they say it, or in what language, science shows more conversation is better”

Bridging the ’30 Million Word Gap’

Dr. Judith Carta spoke with Parentology about the Word Gap. They discuss what parents need to know about it to promote language development.

Talking With Children Matters: Defending the 30 Million Word Gap

An important, update response to recent critiques of Hart and Risley’s original research which identified the 30 million word gap.