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Coming Soon: Tools for Language Researchers

The Tools for Language Researchers is a digital information source designed to support researchers who are designing, proposing, and conducting experimental studies of language promoting interventions at the family, community, and population levels. The contents are designed to provide researchers resources to plan and conduct their next-step experimental studies. These include detailed procedural information about interventions, measures, analytical methods, and extant data resources accessible in the Tools Libraries. The overall goal is to speed accumulation of research knowledge on how to bridge the Word Gap and to enable this knowledge to function at scale. We expect the Tools Libraries to facilitate future growth in research procedures and new resources over time through voluntary, collaborative contributions from members of the research Network. Whenever possible, we have included contact information of people or organizations who are well-versed with the particular tool so they can be contacted with specific questions.

Want to contribute to the Measurement Library?

We are looking for digital measurement tools and resources with a track record of use and value in peer-reviewed research, that BWG intervention researchers can adopt and use in their own research. Take a moment to review the contents of the different libraries for examples.

Download and use this template, and please send your contributions to Alana Schnitz, PhD at and Charles Greenwood, PhD at We will review your submission and work with you on a final version for posting.