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Bridging the Word Gap 3.0

Community Partner #3:

Story Friends E-Books (HIPPY)


Howard Goldstein & Tracy Payne


This CRE will investigate the effects of Story Friends E-Books on changing children’s home language environment and subsequent effects on children’s vocabulary development.  

Information to be disseminated include research reports as well as briefs that are designed to be accessible for home visitors and family members. If e-books prove beneficial to children’s learning and their frequent engagement with books, they will be made available through an online publication outlet.  

Population Targeted:

Low-income children and families from sites across Florida will be participants in the context of the Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) programs supported by the Administration for Children and Families and the FL State Office of Early Learning. 


Research Objective:

To what extent does engagement with Story Friends e-books influence vocabulary learning among at-risk preschoolers?