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Dale Walker, Kathryn Bigelow, Eugenie Lee Matula, Mark Nagasawa, Caron Calhoun, Nicole Kirkland, Diane Horm, Heather Schrotberger, Jessica Haremza

This project brings together three Educare Schools in partnership to demonstrate the feasibility of implementing an evidence-based language intervention to bridge the word gap. Designed to build the capacity of educators and parents to promote the communication opportunities and development of infants and young children, the Promoting Communication Strategies intervention will be embedded into randomly selected Educare classrooms in Kansas City Kansas and West DuPage Illinois to provide teachers with additional tools to increase the language-learning opportunities within classrooms. The intervention will also be embedded into community-based initiatives in Educare Tulsa, Oklahoma to extend upon local initiatives to bridge the word gap with parents of children in the community.

View a recent poster presentation on this project here, along with a description of the Educare BWG Acceleration Project from the Buffett Foundation Newsletter.